Unfortunatly, recent events have meant that my brother now has 3 years maximum to live, as we discovered late on that he has a brain tumour in his frontal lobe. I’m doing a 17 mile walk for the charity cancer research, in aid of my brother. If you have the time can you check out my link and sponsor me? It would mean a lot, thank you.

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Anonymous said: How do you get laid so much there are literally no gay guys where I live

How do you know how much I get laid 😂

Anonymous said: What arm workouts do you do?

None really lmao who is this

Anonymous said: hahaha did you know who their boyfriend was?

Nope not at the time but he thought stuff had happened which it did but he didn’t know for sure and yeah I met him on a night out and he confronted me about it

Anonymous said: Have you ever had a guy hit on you or dance around/make a move at you in a club knowing they have a boyfriend?

Lmao yeah that happened before oops

Anonymous said: When you first broke up how long did it take for you to start talking again? I'm going through something similar right now and we just don't speak at all, I cannot deal with speaking to him right now and being his friend so soon

It’s usually best for you not to be friends with your ex’s haha if you want to get over them and stuff but for meee it took a year for us to see each other in person and idk a couple months before we spoke again lmao

everyone fucks you over in the end seriously i don’t get why i bother with other people sometimes

Anonymous said: Have you got kik


Anonymous said: I know it was a long time ago.. But what happened to you and Peter?

We broke up like a year ago now mainly because we were going different ways in life like uni and stuff, he moved up north to Newcastle and I’m going to uni this September and stufffff and things were just too complicated to manage a relationship which felt like it had an expiry date I guess. I met up with him the other day though and we sort of caught up and stuff so it was nice, slowly becoming friendly again haha. Obviously we’ve spoke on the phone and stuff a few times over the past few months but yeah don’t usually answer these questions or use tumblr anymore but it’s all I ever get on here now tbh sooo x

Anonymous said: how many people do you follow?

306 apparently