vallum asked: i just get rly sad bc you're too hot to exist that is all

nicest thing I’ve heard in a while haha but no I’m really not x

Anonymous asked: Post a photo of your feet please


Anonymous asked: R u emo bc u make me emoan

oh my god

Anonymous asked: why do you not reblog photos anymore?

literally do not have the time to blog anymore haha and I rarely use my laptop anymore anyway and I don’t like reblogging off my phone but I always check my asks on my phone when I’m bored etc but I’m sure I will get back into it soon sowwy x

Anonymous asked: 3 months!? what the fuck are you dying


Anonymous asked: ooo sorry! Did it go ok? Hopefully you feel better soon x

Haha yeah got a course of antibiotics for three months but yolo not stopping meh x

Anonymous asked: what universities are you applying to?

um i said in a previous ask but central lancashire, cardiff met, bournemouth, gloucester, and swansea met

Anonymous asked: aw how did the docs go hun x

appointment is at half 6 x

swirlzy asked: omg I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow as well, AND we have the same birthday

omg yas xx

Anonymous asked: any plans for the week/weekend? :)

doctors tomorrow, college the rest of the week then work sat and sunday but probs go out fri and sat night ha my life is so repetitive atm x x x